​How to adjust sound with broken volume buttons

Have you ever faced a problem whereby your volume buttons faded and you can nolonger increase or lower your sound on your android device? 

With the help of Volume ChopCUT android app, am  going  to  show  you  how  this  is  possible.

Head over to the Google Play Store and install Volume ChopCUT app. After the app finishes installing open it and you’ll be greeted by its main screen. You no need choose you volume input method. There are 3 options available –

Basic Notification, Extended Notification and Floating Widget .

Basic Notification will put a quick link to the system volume control on your notification bar. You just need to tap the notification to adjust your device’s volume. Extended Notification will put volume control on your notification bar. You will be able to increase and decrease the volume or mute the sound altogether.

Floating Widget will put a floating bubble that provides you quick access to the volume control from any screen.

chopcut mainscreen

When using Basic Notification as your preferred method, you can choose to display access to only media volume, ringer volume or alarm volume or all with or without buttons. If you choose Extended Notification , you’ll be given the options to change the themes of buttons to KitKat, Lollipop and others. You can also choose the transparency level of floating widget and its icon.

chopcut basic notification

With ChopCut, you can now easily adjust your volume even if your buttons are broken. You can also use this app as a preventive measure and reduce the stress your buttons have to bear.

Leave your comments, correction below and i wil be greatful to hear from you.
©kartel 2016


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